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About Pacific Conduit and Cable

Pacific Conduit and Cable was established in Glendale, California in 1945. Our headquarters consists of 3 factories and warehouses and is centrally located where it was founded. The majority of markets we provide distribution and manufacturing services for fall into mainly the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Marine and Electrical sphere. The distribution of custom conduit, wire, braiding and cable products is our specialty.

Our merchandise is marketed and distributed nationwide. We provide you with the means of possessing a local source for the majority of your industrial production needs. PCC houses many of the commonly used industrial products you desire. With a sizeable selection of quality custom items readily stocked in our Glendale warehouse, PCC can provide you with the products you need effortlessly and without delay.

Consider Pacific Conduit and Cable as your local provider for generally all industrial products. Our main objectives are to provide you with premium merchandise, first-class customer care, rapid turnaround time and competitive pricing. Our diligence, expertise, quality control and desire to broaden our selection of manufactured goods are at a constant rise. We pride ourselves on our enhancements and our commitment to furnish this full circle of benefits as well as to distribute only the finest quality products to our myriad of existing and potential customers in all industries.