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Fine Alloy Braiding
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Fine Alloy Braiding (Description: Braided Wire such as Flat Braided Wire or Tubular Braided Wire can consist of many different types of alloys. These alloys can consist of copper, stainless steel, inconel, gold, etc... Our braided MIL Spec products have physical and electrical properties that cannot be outdone. Braided wire has strands woven to specific width depending on construction.
Cotton Braiding
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Cotton Braiding : (Description: Our custom Cotton Braided wire is made from modern insulated stranded copper wire and then over braided using our legendary braiding machines. Using an Array of Quality Colored Cotton, we are able to accurately put different colored tracers to individualize each braid. Then a lacquer finish is applied to ensure durability and a resistance to damage.
Over Braiding
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Over Braiding: (Description: Braided flexible metal conduits are manufactured with metal wire over braiding, providing high mechanical strength and offering high flexibility. These flexible conduits, offer strength while protecting cables damage. Over Braiding is used for applications requiring high mechanical strength and flexibility. The over braid will protect the inner conduit from damage caused by use and abrasion.

Custom Hose
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Custom Hose: (Description: Pacific Conduit also provides custom hose assembly and distribution. Many applications require custom hoses that need to fit certain specifications and PCC can assemble and create custom designed hoses to fit any application.

Mold Duct
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Mold Duct: (Description: Primarily used in the Pottery Industry, Molduct is special woven cotton tubing used in the RAM dies for air passageways. Air, forced through the tubing causes the release of the pressed piece from the dies.

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Conduit: (Description: Plastic convoluted tubing is a corrugated tube used to provide protection to a wire harness or any other product that might be subject to abrasive conditions. Corrugated Conduit is used in many different industries such as automotive, marine, electronics, robotics, etc…

Wire Harnesses
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Harnesses: (Description: Braided Wire Harnesses are used in a variety of applications from automotive industry to the aerospace industry. Custom Harnesses are necessary for specific projects and applications. Send us your drawing and we will be more than glad to serve you.